Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To provide a learning environment which connects to our common core as speakers of global English in order to cultivate communication in a diverse world

Mission Statement

  • We achieve our vision by providing accredited English courses for both short and medium terms. The courses utilize a variety of practical teaching methods including collaborative, experiential, and reflective learning. The methods aim to create an engaging and fun learning environment always conducted in a professional and well-designed manner.
  • We achieve our vision by creating an environment and facilities tailored to nurture language development within social interaction. In addition, specialized guided learning experiences introduce language and cultural aspects where students can apply their knowledge practically.
  • We achieve our vision by selecting staff who are skilled, hard-working, life-long learners. They are committed to enabling effective intercultural communication by being active listeners.  They commit themselves to being an active part of a productive and unified team.
  • All of the above creates a cultural hub where English becomes a tool to connect to the unity and diversity of South Africa which in turn becomes a profound learning experience for the staff, students and surrounding community.


Our Motto is “Cultivating life-long connections”. GEA wants to create opportunities for students to connect not only to the English language, but also to the diverse people and communities that use it.  GEA students will make long-term friendships and connections with communities. We also hope that students will continue their connection with GEA for a long period of time, even after attending our courses.