How to Register


Step 1

Fill in the registration form online and submit. Choose to print it out, fill it in, scan it and email it back to us via Come to the office and GEA will assist you to fill in a registration form. Attach a digital copy or a physical copy of your photo to the registration form.


Step 2

When registering please supply a copy of your identity document, driver’s licence or passport. You can submit these documents by email to, or at our office.


Step 3

Deposit the registration fee/deposit for the course via EFT to the GEA account (Click here for our details), mail the proof of payment to You can do a cash deposit at First National Bank and then mail the proof of payment to or submit it our office.


Step 4

If you are applying from another country, send a copy of your VISA via email to or submit it at the GEA office.


Step 5

Once registered, you will have to do a language proficiency oral test and a written test, to determine which course you should be enrolled into.


Step 6

You will be informed of the start date of the course selected.

To pay tuition fee or course registration fee/deposit, you can do it via EFT transaction to the GEA account. You can also make a cash deposit to our First National Bank account. Email GEA the proof of payment( or submit at the office.

For each payment made you will receive a receipt as proof that GEA has receive it. The receipt can be sent via email or you can receive it at our office.

Payment should be made weekly or monthly (15th, 25th or the 30th of the month). All tuition must be fully paid before you write or submit your final exam/assessment.

Call Us:

(+27) 21 811 7429


Banking Details:

Bank: FNB
Account Name : Global English Academy
Business Account Number: 62608892099
Branch Code : 220323