Courses start beginning of each month

GEA’s courses are designed to give you the knowledge and practice you need to become a better speaker, listener, reader and writer in English.  Courses include general English courses, academic English, Professional English, and English for specific purposes.  The courses often include fun, practical activities outside the classroom to connect you to real-life communication skills.


For more info download our course brochure: Global English Communication for Hotels and Tourism Brochure

Global English Communication for Hotels and Tourism

This course gives you three weeks of practical classroom work, focusing on the tourism and hospitality industry. A different topic is offered each month. One week of the course includes a 'practical work experience' where you get to see the work world up close in a hotel or restaurant in Cape Town.

Take this course if you: 

  • want to connect the English language to a practical work environment
  • are a motivated student of tourism and hospitality wanting to develop useful work skills.
  • are a driven tourism and hospitality industry professional wanting to improve work capabilities.
Lessons Classroom: 30 hours
Self-study: 30 hours
Supervised practical experience: 20-24 hours
Time table 5 days a week, 2 hours per day in the afternoons
Start Dates September 4th-September 29th 2017
October 2nd-October 27th 2017
November 6th-December 1st 2017
January 8th-February 2nd 2018
February 5th-March 2nd 2018
Group Size 3 - 10 students
Course duration 1 - 3 months  (Students may take the full course of 3 months, or 1 unit in 1 month)
Levels Intermediate, Advanced
Minimum age 18
Cost R 10, 000/month



Foundations of Global English Communication

This course gives you many opportunities to actively apply the language and structures you learn in practical ways. Course topics include, speaking about yourself and others, describing people and places, transportation, and connecting to the travel and tourism world.

Take this course if you: 

  • want to improve your everyday communication abilities in English
  • need broad support for integrated development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
Lessons 192
Time table 4 days per week in the mornings
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - Outing Event
Start Dates February - June - October
Group Size Approximately 10
Course duration 4 Months - (1 Term), 8 Months - (2 Terms) and 12 Months - (3 Terms)
(1 Term = 4 Months)
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Minimum age 18
Cost R 18, 000/term       Deposit: R3, 000



Global English in Use

This course helps you use the English language to improve yourself as a critical listener, speaker, reader and writer and to connect you to the diverse spaces and global communities where English is used. Topics include professions, observation and description, creating and planning itineraries, professional presentations, and using multimedia for communication through technology.

Take this course if you: 

  • want to improve their abilities in English to support future tertiary studies
  • require necessary skills to assist them to take part in academic environments through integrated listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Lessons 192
Time table Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday mornings
Start Dates Beginning of each month
Group Size 2 - 10
Course duration 1 - 12 Months
Levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Minimum age 18
Cost R 18, 000/term        Deposit: R 3, 000